About Greg


I am a successful Professional drummer who has performed on countless TV/Talk Shows, has performed with a number of Musical Celebrities, and have been fortunate to rub shoulders with "stars" from old school to today.. Unfortunately, when you're a musician and are on the road, your income is not consistent. My entrepreneurial journey started in 2005, when I started an app company with a friend of mine. I was able to patent a device that would change the way that viruses infiltrated computers, but that dream of becoming a millionaire was short lived when my partner (main developer of the software) slipped back to taking drugs and eventually was deported back to Canada. It also didn't help that technology was changing so rapidly that the software for the device which I patented would need to be recoded every other month to ensure its stability in the marketplace. Since I had a great record of helping offline businesses reach new customers and generate local sales, I started dabbling online in the affiliate and ecommerce space and helping solopreneurs, copreneurs, and established business owners to be profitable by using the Internet to target their ideal clients. 

I’ve also directed the marketing at a range of businesses, coached entrepreneurs of Fortune 500 companies, all the way to helping individuals make alot of money online in various animal and beauty niches. I’ve been the social media director at four agencies and delivered successful digital strategies across many industries alike. I’ve run four businesses of my own, coached newlyweds and married entrepreneurs, all while being Married to my beautiful wife Shanah and raising our 4 boys and little girl. I can truly say that I was blessed with a talent of being able to acquire clients, look over the marketing system in place, identify the issues at hand, create a solution, and help catapult their sales and profits. I’ve also coached numerous individuals who were looking to make money online by showing them the blueprint that I've followed and therefore allowing them to make hundreds of dollars per day and reach the goals that they desire!

I’ve achieved great things. I’ve tried new ideas and I’ve failed and learnt from it.

My industry experience spans entertainment, music, events, beauty, fashion, design, sports, gaming, service industries and more. So whether you’re a fortune 500 company, a copreneur, solopreneur, entrepreneur and you want to explode your business with new customers and sales, or you're a person or entity that needs a Coach to push them into their destiny, I’m Your Guy!

Greg Morehead was and still is, an integral part with us growing our agency online. His wealth of knowledge in all aspects of online Marketing and Advertising is second to none. He is the go to guy for all things Marketing.

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